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How Do We Fix The Poor Snaps From Center?

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No more nibbling in the passing game---early in games---actually have an attack mentality to promote confidence. Actually force so e pass-interference calls.

C Person and Stone see 8-9 defenders in the box, and 2 committed to WR Julio Jones, and they are still kicking field goals against the Buccaneers at home?

Ryan is too conservative early in games, and opposing teams a picking him off in the box waiting to stop Freeman.

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stay under center

We even have had issues with those.

Honestly I think Person is simply not an NFL caliber center..... not everyone can do it.

It does not men that he is not a decent lineman but with all of the things that go into snapping take a while to master even for people who have "it"

Little things like exactly where he grips the ball can have huge impact on a snap.

I said it in another thread but we need to uncover every stone to see what we can do because what he have had simply will not cut it.

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How to fix it? We you go back to PeeWee football basics and begin over cause there ain't NO EXCUSE for as many bad snaps as this clown offense has had this season.\

Center can't snap and Ryan can't drop back without fumbling a handoff or fake handoff.

Seriously embarrassing pitiful football. Today I was ashamed to be a Falcon Fan and I have rarely been so even after 35 years of seeing often bad football.

Arthur Blank as an honest businessman: you owe me a refund for today's ticket Sir.

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