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What Happened To The Supposed Magical Blazingly Fast 1St Step Of Vic Beasley


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Huge Beasley supporter, and even I see areas for concern. But not to do with his strength, or even his physicality - the biggest issue I have is his lack of confidence. He started off doing much better than he's been the last few games, even tallying a solo sack besting the near unbeatable Tyron Smith. He had a ton of hurries and was actually a DROY candidate, one of the top 5 in an NFL article.

Imo, where he started to falter wasn't even the Texans and Skins games - he still had pressures, and he was facing two of the best LTs in football. No, it was the Saints game - where he watched his favorite team get utterly humiliated by their biggest rival, watched an offense struggle and fail, watched his brothers on defense give up and realize they couldn't win.

This is far from an excuse. If anything, I'm even more angry and a bit unsettled that his confidence seems to have faltered so much, and he's been making stupid penalties and struggling trying to do too much without remembering fundamentals as a result. He isn't the technician I saw in college. Instead, he tries to use moves he hasn't refined, flailing like a newborn. He isn't setting up people with head fakes anymore. He isn't playing for the long haul. He knows what is expected and is trying too hard to meet those expectations, and ironically he looks worse because of it.

Football is a very mentality driven game. A bad head space can be just as bad as an injury (or worse).

Then again, this is really just me postulating, so...take it with a grain of salt. Quinn needs to get his head right or he might not be able to turn it around, at least this year.

I think he looks gassed. That's about it. The season for a highly touted rookie continues from Spring ball in his last college season through Week 17 of his NFL season. I think that it takes a toll on most players and I don't think Beasley is an exception.

As for his confidence, the 12 men penalty combined with the unnecessary offsides penalty probably didnt help. But he's a young player who is still flashing frequently enough to avoid being labeled a "bust" after 8 games. With a bye week looming, I'd expect Vic to look quite a bit better coming out of the extra rest.

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He only has one pass rush move: spin spin spin spin. His "pass rush repertoire" IS garbage. I don't view that as particularly bothersome, though. A rookie is expected to need to learn things like that.

"Whiffed on the #8 pick" is obviously either hyperbole or ridiculous. I am critical of his idiotic decision to keep his weight at an unacceptably low 240 or fewer pounds, but it is clearly way to early to place any label beyond "too light" on him right now.

Well, it's bothersome because it isn't true. The "spin" was the flashy part of his college tape but it wasnt the substance. He routinely beat guys outside on the edge. He routinely beat guys working back inside. I'm not saying he's a pass rush tactician....of course he isnt. Like you said, he's a rookie and the vast majority of rookie pass rushers don't have develop pass rush moves. There isnt enough coaching time in college to work on hand usage, etc.

I won't say he's lighting it up this year. And if you wanted to fixate on the overuse of the spin move, I get that. I think a lot of that is him bailing out of pass rushes looking for the screen game but I also think a lot of it is him being gassed halfway through the season.

I'm not concerned with the weight thing. He'll end up growing into his body a little bit more and probably level off right around 250 or so...just like Von Miller did.

I think we have a situation where people expected this team to be bad but it started off good so people recast their expectations. Now, everyone is turning on all the players because they've given two games away. So the draft pick is a bust, the QB is done, the coach is bad, etc. Meanwhile, last year's "bust" continues to put together a very strong sophomore campaign, the defense improves every week and the team is in prime position to make a playoff push.

Too much big picture for so many small pictures, imo.

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I wanted the Falcons to double up on pass rush, A: Beasley & Gregory (or Hardy in free agency) or B: trade down get an extra pick and pick up Dupree and Gregory.

I hope this is the end of "we should have signed Greg Hardy" once and for all. http://deadspin.com/this-is-why-nfl-star-greg-hardy-was-arrested-for-assaul-1739117634?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow

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I'm not concerned with the weight thing. He'll end up growing into his body a little bit more and probably level off right around 250 or so...just like Von Miller did.

I've said it before in response to this supposition. I assumed the same thing, especially after showing up at the Combine 246. But he's intentionally, deliberately deflated to under 240 again. He has a nutritionist-designed plan to keep his weight under or at 240. He uas absolutely no intention of growing into his body like Von Miller.

That article is why I turned on him like a rabid wolverine.

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What in the living fark does that BS nonsense have to do with anything?

We playing stupid stat?

First number is their rookie year, second number is 2014.

1) Justin Houston 5.5/22.0

2) JJ Watt 5.5/20.5

3) Elvis Dumervil 8.5/17.0

4) Mario Williams 4.5/14.5

5) Connor Barwin 4.5/14.5

6) Von Miller 11.5/14.0

7) Ryan Kerrigan 7.5/13.5

8) Jason Pierre Paul 4.5/12.5

9) Terrell Suggs 12.0/12.0

10) Everson Griffen 0.0/12.0

Learn to NFL

Would love to see "Shede's" 1st/2nd year comparisons.

And, I can't believe you're comparing Beasley to Watt, Suggs, Dumervil, Pierre-Paul, et al.

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Let's see, 15 posts to your name bashing our first round draft pick.


I'm sorry, but when you go jogging nonchalantly off the field after you put your team in a time crunch because you were too busy trash talking on the opposing sideline, you're going to get criticized ~ and you'll deserve it. Being a rookie doesn't excuse this level of thoughtless immaturity, especially in a tight game. He's getting paid to bring way more to the table than this type of bs.

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Would love to see "Shede's" 1st/2nd year comparisons.

And, I can't believe you're comparing Beasley to Watt, Suggs, Dumervil, Pierre-Paul, et al.

Yeah because it's not like Beasley is a first round pass rusher just like several other guys on that list. How dare he compare their rookie years to Beasley's. Ridiculous I tell ya.
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You missing the point does not surprise me one tiny bit. lol

Neither does the fallacy of each of your simpleton arguments on this board. I could name 1,000 NFL players whose rookie stats were similar or worse in their 2nd year. By implication, you're comparing Beasley to some of the best defensive players in recent NFL history. At best, you are a selectively blind homer.

Most likely, you're an uneducated dolt.

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