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What Happened To The Supposed Magical Blazingly Fast 1St Step Of Vic Beasley


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What happened to the supposed Magical blazingly fast 1st step of Vic Beasley ----you know--- the reason we drafted him even though he weighs 80 to 100 pounds less than most lineman he was going to go up against --everyone said he makes up for that with out manuevring the bigger lineman with the most awesome 1st step off the ball that scouts had seen in a long time --that his amazing physical speed and agility would give him an edge

Regardless of how many sacks he doesn't have at this point because he's adjusting to scheme and the NFL in general Through 8 games so far have you honestly seen this amazing 1st step

he is supposed to have? because I just don't see that part of his game. He seems no quicker with a 1st step off the ball than the 300lb lineman he is going up against and demonstrates no ability to maneuver around them with speed or quickness after the 1st step either

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Beasley has been a big letdown. He doesn't give a lot of effort. Ray Lewis said he didn't have enough fight for him to like him

Last week his casual jogging off the field was the epitome of what he's been this season. He quits playing if a play gets past him

Let's see, 15 posts to your name bashing our first round draft pick.


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I've been here a long time. You're by far the worst poster on the board. Our Falcon does anything negative, its always something else.

You defended Jamaal Anderson for God's sake yet trash Clowney to defend Beasley

You have been here quite a while swiftkick

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Dude is a rookie and will learn the hard way how to compete at the professional level. Give it time.

This is true, and I agree with him needing a year or so to learn technique and how to use leverage to convert his speed into power.

Where I disagree with brightsiding Beasley is his stated goal of keeping his weight at or below 240 pounds. lEO or not, that is just unacceptably light for a DE.

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Bud Dupree in less snaps has 4 sacks. Let that sink in.

What in the living fark does that BS nonsense have to do with anything?

We playing stupid stat?

First number is their rookie year, second number is 2014.

1) Justin Houston 5.5/22.0

2) JJ Watt 5.5/20.5

3) Elvis Dumervil 8.5/17.0

4) Mario Williams 4.5/14.5

5) Connor Barwin 4.5/14.5

6) Von Miller 11.5/14.0

7) Ryan Kerrigan 7.5/13.5

8) Jason Pierre Paul 4.5/12.5

9) Terrell Suggs 12.0/12.0

10) Everson Griffen 0.0/12.0

Learn to NFL

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You have been here quite a while swiftkick

Does this mean I'm NOT "swiftkick" now?

You're really pathetic. Any poster who says something you don't like (which would be anything other than happy-happy-joy-joy for every single aspect of the Falcons) is immediately called "swiftkick".

Whoever this dude is, he is all kinds of in your head. He owns you. Why he would want to own you is the only mystery.

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