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The Browns Have Engaged In Discussions About Potentially Trading Two Of Their Best Players: Lt Joe Thomas And C Alex Mack, Sources Say.


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Guest facelessman07

I would use a 4th rounder on anybody who can snap the ball.

What about one of those pitching machines they have at the batting cages?

Should be able to modify it to fit a football

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If Quinn continues with either Person or Stone, we are not going to the playoffs. Nearly evervy bad snap results in a wasted posession, either by fumble or downs because of the loss of yards... and those guys have at least 2 of those snaps each game.

The experiment should end here now. Either start that Ginokowski guy - who at least has one succesfull season of center experience - or trade for Mack. Centers can play into their late 30s, so Mack might have 5 years ahead of him. We traded a 2nd rounder for 4 years of Tony Gonzales, so a 4th for Mack should be ok.

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