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Would You Rather Be 2-6?


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I love that we are winning regardless if they are come from behind wins. But clearly we are not sb contenders. We cannot rush plain and simple and that is only exemplified in the playoffs. Last time we saw a rod in the playoffs he went 31-34 or some sheet like that in our dome. This line is faltering after staring off great. And our depth is nothing to brag about what so ever.

So my question is would you rather keep up with this up and down give me a heart attack style play and keep winning to get embarrassed in the playoffs..


Accept what it looks like we are and try and get a higher draft pic? I really hate to even think that way but I can't be the only one who can sees us losing in the wild card game and ending up with a 20+ pic and screwing ourselves AND depressing ourselves even more lol

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