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Matt Is Playing Like S***

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Yep staring down targets is playing exceptionally well

There are only 3 receivers. Julio, Tamme, and the running backs.

Oh and sometimes Julio. If anyone else gets open, just ignore them and throw it to Julio even if he is out of breath and triple covered.

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I think the bad snaps have affected him, but I think the truth is that Ryan isn't elite. He needs a strong supporting cast and you have seen him suffer this year now that Hank is hurt and Rodd is a shell of himself. Looks a lot like the Ryan in 2013. We need to invest in a difference making te and receiver next offseason.

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The problem is not Ryan. The problem is Shanahan who has taken 100% control of the offense and leaves Matt no room to think.

Matt has no room to choose where he throws the ball and has to make dangerous passes no matter what. He has no room to change a play-he has to either go with it or waste a timeout to go "discuss" it with his boss.

Everybody assumed RG3 was the problem in Washington but it is clear it was Shanahan.

lol stop it. Kyle has been out of Washington for two years. Rg3 isn't starting this year cause Jay benched him cause he isn't that good
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No excuse for what we're seeing from him right now. Don't care if it is a new offense he looks as bad as any QB in the league right now. Team has holes but right now as far as I'm concerned QB play is the biggest one.

Center play is the biggest one, followed by QB decisions. If a third of the freaking snaps are bad and bouncing Lang the ground, it starts there.

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