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You Won't Like This Aricle But You Will Like The Comments Section


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If Ryan has any tendencies or tells their veteran defenders already know what they are. If anything, they could probably teach Koetter a thing or two.

This is just one of those articles to try and give hope to the fans. By the comments it doesn't seemed to have worked.

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apparently Shanahan doesn't know how to use anyone outside of Julio

It's not even that bro. West coast offense is always gonna feature #1. Rice for example. If he had the matchup Montana and Young were going there.

It's about Matt's decision to go there. It's about blindly throwing the ball quickly with defenders close by. That's why Rodgers is so potent with his #1 wr's. He knows at the line where he's going with the ball.

If you notice he gets sacked a lot. Why? Because if they take his first option away he has to do like Matt has been doing an move around to find the next target. The difference is Rodgers goes downfield for the big play when that happens most times.

When Matt gets it down he will start hitting some big plays down the field when his main option was taken away. That's also why rb's are such a big part of the passing game in the west coast offense. Give it time. Lets him learn the nuances of the WCO and watch.

In 85 Roger Craig was the niners top receiver with 92 receptions. Next was Clark with 54. The next guy had 38 less catches than the top target. Rice had 49 catches. It's a WCO thing bro.

The next year Rice had 86 catches and Craig had 81. Just like Julio is our leading receiver and next is Devonta. WCO thing.

The year after THAT Craig was the leading receiver with 66. Rice had 65 and Rathman was 3rd with 30. 2 rb's were in the top 3 receivers.

You're talking about Joe Montana. One of the greatest qb's in history of the game and his top 2 targets were Rice and Craig. Taylor only had 14 catches in 88. Craig 76, rice, 64, rathman, 42.

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You misspelled it again.


ok we'll just mark this up to you not being here for a while. There was thread after thread about ARTICAL back when you were vacationing from the board.

so no, he's got it right, it's artical for sho

With Jedi you have to make allowances for all sorts of things.


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