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My Take On Ryan....


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He is **** this season.

I dont know whats off about him. But something between shanny, Ryan, Oline and the WR`s is all screwed up.

Yes we are 6-1 and thats awesome. No complaints there. Everyone is doing their job to put up great stats and have a winning record.

But its F`ugly how we do it. Almost as bad as the Smith era. We have 1 convincing win vs a not so good team and we start believing our own press.

A DaNIGHT exclusive.

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I think it's more on Ryan. He seems nervous and completely uncomfortable. People keep saying it's the scheme. I don't buy it. The scheme isn't the reason for ####### throws. People keep saying it's the receivers. I'm calling ####### on that as well because there have been several times others not named Julio have been open and he forces throws. So what if it gets deflected or dropped, spread the love more than twice a game

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I'm not sure it's not the scheme though. He seems to watch 1 wr more. He used to read the D and could make adjustments. Now it's like it's still scripted. He doesn't have that much time to get to the white read.

That's not to say it's not on Ryan. He isn't used to playing this way and I can see him getting nervous.

He used to go no huddle and screw the d adjustments up. Now he seems more like a player playing a scheme he isn't mentioned for.

But it's the end result that matters and we are winning games. It's still early enough to fix it. But making white behind hankerson seems dumb. Hankerson sucks. White and Ryan had trust and timing.

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A few things make me sad. Matt Schaub had his best season with Shanahan and Matt Lafleur as his qb coach. I've watched mediocre qbs survey the field better than Ryan has this year. Even when the line holds their blocks he makes horrible throws.

People tend to avoid placing any blame on Matt but I honestly think it's time he received his fair share from everyone

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I'm not denying Ryan has his blame. I'm just saying there is enough blame to share. We might be 6 and 1. But we perform like we are 1 and 6.

Im not a stat junky either. I could care less if Ryan or anyone breaks a record. But to be a champion we have to perform better. We a lot of things to work on.

And for funk sake we better take nfc south games serious and not just another week. Or the Panthers will take the south and we will hand it to them on a silver platter.

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As i said. You cant win playing the way we have. We might be 6-2 but we play like a 2-6 team.

You cant give the ball away 4 times and get none expect to win.

You cant go down by 20 points and expect to win.

You cant play like crap and expect to win.

You sure cant do all the above and have a prayer of winning.

We had a chance. By it was a tiny one at best. Our team is not disciplined in the basics.

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But Mike Smith taught us. You can play error free and do next to nothing and still win.

Vs doing everything in the world and making mistakes and lose.

The center issue is sucky. We should trade for anyone.

Im convinced White slept with Shannys wife. No way he is getting shunned the way he has. HD used to get more looks under smith that we give White now.

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These are the areas in which I feel Ryan is not performing well: 1) a surprising number of poor throws that should be fairly routine for him, and; 2) seemingly locking onto JJ at the expense of others.

These are the areas, from a schematic perspective, that I truly question Shanahan: 1) why are we always throwing on 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 2? In the first month of the season we ran for first downs in a large number of those situations; 2) why on God's green earth does he have Ryan run the read option? Does Ryan look like Newton or Russell? Is Shanahan trying to improve Ryan by turning him into RG3?

Despite these issues, look at the last four games:

Win vs Washington - dominated that game and it was only TOs that kept Washington in the game

Loss vs New Orleans - despite falling behind 14-0, we dominated the rest of the half and it was a bunch of TOs that prevented us from tying or taking the lead (admittedly the Saints dominated the second half)

Win vs Tennessee - worst offensive game all year in terms of execution but TOs kept the Titans in it.

Loss vs TB - we all saw it. TB scored all of its 20 points in regulation directly off of Atlanta TOs. Otherwise we dominated.

The Falcons are moving the ball seemingly almost at will, but I've never seen a streak of such freaky TOs and untimely penalties as I've seen these past four games. These TOS are bordering on comical - two botched snaps in the red zone, two fumbled exchanges between Ryan and Freeman in the red zone - I was fully expecting a bad snap on the convert by Bryant to lose 20-19!

Do you really think this string of TOs will continue? I say no. I just hope that the players and coaches are not as bi-polar in our emotions as we Falcons fans are as evidenced by the sky is falling reaction on these boards (not at aimed at you Donut or anyone in particular).

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Lack of discipline week after week is on coaching. Either fix that or the let the mistakes kill us every week.

Penalties, turn overs, cant score in the red zone.

This is the same exact stuff mike smith lived for. We are the team Mike Smith would have loved to play.

WTF is up with White in the routes? Is he the last stop before throw it away?

We could play boston college and they could strip the ball from us. We get no turnovers and we give up way too many.

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Its shanny im telling you. Ryan is told where to thrown the ball and to who. he might have a checkdown option. But it looks like Ryan has lost 85% of his control in the scheme or power of who to go to.

Its clear to even the fans in the stadium, they are trying to run White out of town after this season. When was the last time a player got their name chanted just for making a lil catch for a few yards? Most of the time fans would rip that player apart. Unless their is a obvious issue.

The question i find myself asking is if Jones got hurt who would take his place? White should be the clear answer and has been for years. But this year the answer seems to be anyone but White.

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No not all is bad for sure. But you have to question ❓ why is he doing some of this stuff.

You have weapons, why would you not use them? Why not use things Ryan has done great in the past?

Yes their is a lot to change like the duck taped oline. But not letting Ryan make changes is dumb, not let Ryan use the snap counts. I could go on.

But if he wants full control he has to take full blame. Mike Smith had a top O As well when he didn't have injury issues.

We also had a kick butt record. Discipline and error free vs stats. I'm just having skins flashbacks. I'm just not a shanny fan. I just hope the NFL doest figure us out before we learn this is the skins 2.0

He was a big problem with rg3.

He ruined that kids career. Almost got him murdered.

I hope I'm wrong. More than anything. **** I'm paying for Sunday ticket. He better not screw this up. Our O wasn't the issue. It was the pass rush and the D.

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Shanny thinks he can read the D from the sidelines. At one point he looked dumbfounded like he couldn't figure out why his play didn't work and you could see Ryan looking like "fml".

Shanny is trying to micromanage the O. Thats probably why him and White didn't hit it off. White is a clown.

Its clear no one is doing jack about turnovers. How about throw it to white who is known to usually catch the ball. Or we can wait a few years for hank to learn how to.

Our O was fine, somehow we broke what really didn't need fixed. Yes the Oline is a work in progress.But Ryan has dealt with Crappy oline since we drafted Baker and cut the decent ones we did have. They weren't even stars.

No way Shanny gets to being a HC. 1 thing is for sure. You can bank on it. White wont get 3 looks the next game. He is in the dog house. I also think TD is on his way out as well.

Even McCay knew we had to trade and get a DE to fix our pass rush when we got Abe. Kroy is worthless except on ST`s.

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