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Rebounding Still An Issue


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We're still getting beaten on the glass, badly. Adding Splitter hasn't helped much in that regard, and Tavares hasn't seen much playing time so he probably isn't ready to be a part of the regular rotation. Anyway, we were fortunate to get a win against Charlotte. Even with Kyle, the Hornets would have had their way in the paint with all the size they have upfront with Al Jefferson, Zeller, and now Kaminsky as well. They will be a playoff caliber team once they figure it out.

Other than PG and SG, we are undersized at every position. This might work for small stretches of time to get a speed advantage, but not as a regular lineup, especially if we can't knock down shots from outside the paint.

We'll see what happens, but the early results show that this is still a glaringly obvious deficiency.

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It's going to be that way until mid-season most likely.

Edy isn't going to be that force in the paint until next season, but this is what I mean about jumping the gun too early.

I'm not saying constructive criticism isn't good, but we need way more than 3 games under the belt before these type of things pop up.

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I couldnt care less about our offensive rebounds. We will always look bad in that department for several reasons.

We shoot well so there are less rebounds available.

We take jump shots so not many guys are under the basket

Bud would rather get guys back on defense than crash the boards.

What I find unacceptable is letting the other team get a ton of offensive rebounds. That's just not okay. The only reason that happens is because you either don't box out or flat out get beat by your opponent.

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