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How Does Everyone Feel About The Fourth Down Attempts


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Haven't really seen it discussed much, but we've taken an extra shot enough times to notice.

We've gone for it 10 times and moved the chains 7 of them, which gives us the fourth best percentage in the league.

1. New Orleans 6/7

2.Seattle 4/5

3.Denver 3/4

4.Atlanta 7/10

We're fourth in attempts, Miami and Baltimore have 12. Houston has 11. Their success rate is no where near ours though.

So are we being too aggressive? Last year we were 8/16. in 2013 we were 6/14. I think we'll clear those easily. In a more comparable year, as far as our record and performance goes...we only went for it 8 times.

I remember smith being criticized for only going for it at the worst possible times. Which was probably hindsight complaining after we failed to convert. Either way, it appears we have a more aggressive coaching staff, but how much is too much?

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I absolutely love it. Quinn is practicing what he preaches for sure. He always mentions "attacking" in most of his pressers and he's doing it. It shows his confidence in both his offense to go convert and also believing his defense will make a stop or get the ball back if they don't convert.

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When Smith first started he NEVER went for it on fourth down through the first two seasons it felt like. After it bit him in the rump he reacted by going for it too much. I think Smith was a reactionary coach. Not proactive. One of his downfalls.

I still remember how frustrated Matty was at him in that Dallas game in 09. The defense was getting beaten up all day and Smith still punted. That was not a pleasant game to watch. When it came to defense Smitty was too much of a Homer.

I love the aggressiveness and even more because the defense is playing at such a higher level to provide better insurance.

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