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Keith Armstrong Successfully Restrains Himself From Choking Press Out

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Last year, in the wake of Hard Knocks, one of the staffers at the Branch got a Talking Olaf the Snowman stuffed toy - surely you remember Olaf from the movie 'Frozen' - and recorded Armstrong's "You're not good enough to be an a**hole" rant onto it. She kept it on her desk so anyone walking by could listen to Olaf freaking out whenever they wanted to.


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Just like a golfer. You might make 20 three foot putts in a row, then miss two or three. You gotta get past it. Once you THINK there might be something wrong, there is. Cause your head is your worst enemy. Even if there's a technical adjustment, 90% of it is in your head.

Also just as in golf, you better focus on the mechanics, not the situation. You can't think about a 175 yard carry over water to hit to a pin 200 yards away. You have to think about the mechanics of a how you hit a hybrid. Then everything takes care of itself.

Same with putting, you can't think "this putt is for a $200 skin."* You have to focus on the read and your routine, rhythm and mechanics.

Every shot is the same in the way every kick is the same. Sure there are more and less meaningful ones, but you have to block that part out and focus on the process.

Easier said than done.

And personally, I don't think Matt Bryant is as good at blocking out the situation as Armstrong claims. Because for Bryant, the more crucial the kick, the MORE likely he is to make it. The man is freakin' clutch.

Plus, he makes the occasional sacrifice to the kicking Gods, so he's got that going for him.

*I don't play for $200 skins . . . but I did make an $8 putt last week.

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