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Get Rid Of Teague


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I'll fully admit this thread is the reason Teague went off against the nicks.

No it's not this team is good. If it were up to you and a couple others you'd fire Bud had we started 0-2. That's the next thread that would have came up.

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I am a hawks fan lol at questioning my fandom, its about the team. It isn't about your player crush.

I like Teague, but not that much I know Dennis time is almost here possibly in next 2 seasons, but I'm not an going to say well Teague sucks etc. Cause right now Dennis is too inconsistent for my liking.

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Did I say get rid of bud? Did I say the team was bad? You are an emotional wreck and need to reanalyze your person.

I'm perfectly fine I just don't over analyze a team that played 3 games.

You sound like someone off espn if an nba team went 0-5 to start the year...... "well it's time to panic" this really is hilarious.

Again stop playing nba 2k so much and just watch like the rest of us.

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You're right I've only watched one this season, but from what other people have told me they still look like their picking up where they left off soooooo...................yeah

Only 3 people who got problems so far as of now is Korver(injury), Scott(trying to find his way back after disappearing), and Thabo(injury).

The rest are what we still think of them, and I'm fine with that.

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