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Get Rid Of Teague


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I suspect Teague likely bounces back tonight and has a more impactful game than he did on opening night but the thing is his opening game showed that the main thing that irritated people is still going to happen until he proves it wont (with several great games in a row). That hes just as likely to have a 28 and 8 night with just 1 or 2 turnovers as he is to completely disappear or make an attempt to play hard but turn it over a lot. Just remember that if he does have a great night tonight, hes likely to disappear on the back-to-back tomorrow.

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He misses wide open layups you can take your over exuberant clown laughs and shove them because Teague is hawt garbage.

Dude you're not even a real hawks fan who we gonna get for him? Stop playing nba 2k and join the rest of us, and just watch the game.

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Trading Teague isn't about his play, it's about getting value for him. We have two very good PG's. Why not trade one of them for a 3 or for someone who could really help our rebounding?

if splitter who was near the top of the league in rebounds can't help you, then there isnt much to be done. the issue there is Al and Paul. they simply just can't rebound but the other qualities they have keep them on the court, we kind of have to live with it for now.

as for teague, last night is the reason you can't just up and trade him. he is an allstar and he dropped 10 points in a matter of seconds. shro can't do that yet. maybe after the season, something can happen, but i wouldn't break up the core unit just yet

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My god only 2 games in, and we're having these conversations LMAO!

Horford, Millsap, nor Teague going anywhere anytime soon bank on that.

I know one day we'll have to do something about the Schro and Teague thing, but today isn't that day. Just gave Paul a new contract, and yeah everyone in here playing too much NBA 2K16 GTFOH with that armchair GM crap I'm trying to watch the games(those that I can).

Trades man we talking about Trades Trades! we haven't even gotten to Christmas.....We haven't even been on National T.V yet **** LOL!

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