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Snap Counts Week 7 Vs Titans

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These are the offensive and defensive snap counts for week 7 versus the Titans.



As usual, Ryan and the 5 OL's are the only players to play 100% of the snaps. Julio, Freeman, Tamme, and Roddy are the only other players to log more than 50% of the snaps, although Toilolo did play 49%. N. Williams obviously played a lot more snaps since Hankerson left the game early due to injury. This is a game that featured a lot of the TE's this week, with one drive featuring a 3 TE formation for 5 straight plays in the 2nd quarter that led to our first points, the FG. There were also a high number of 3 WR formations.



Tru, Alford, and R. Allen are the only players with 100%. Normally Moore would be there as well, but he obviously left the game injured. Collins played 69%, meaning we were in nickel D for at least 69% of the game. When Collins was in the game he played RCB and Alford played Nickel. Alford had a pretty horrible day in coverage, but was aided by at least 3 huge drops by Titans WR's.

Normally, both Durant and Worrilow would be close to the 100% mark as well; Durant only missed 3 plays putting him at 94%, which is typical. But Worrilow was noticeably off the field for quite a few snaps in favor of Ishmael or Therezie at LB on some obvious passing downs. Worrilow only played 76% of snaps this week, missing 13 of 54. That could be just situational to the Titans game since they went with a lot of heavy WR packages, or it could be a trend to look forward to over the rest of the season. Worrilow was pulled so we could play a bit of Dime coverage this game, with 3 CB's and 3 Safeties - and I can't recall us playing ANY Dime before this game.

For all the pregame talk of Jarrett earning more snaps, he only logged 6 snaps in the end. It's interesting the 6 snaps he did get were at the expense of Hageman as the 3-tech in the base defense, who only got 13 snaps himself. It didn't help either of them the pass rush D Line played about twice as many snaps as the Base D Line this week - since we played nickel at least 69% of the game.

Therezie got 13 snaps himself. Moore's injury aided that number I'm sure; but it does seem like Therezie is someone the coaches are keen to make sure gets on the field every week for some development in the games. I think the coaches really do think Therezie might have a big role with us as he continues to develop. Whether that's pushing Allen for the FS job, or pushing Moore off the roster next year remains to be seen. As I mentioned last week, due to Moore's coverage struggles I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Therezie take his spot on some of the more obvious passing downs over the rest of the season. Moore's injury has clouded that situation for now. I'm very curious to see once Moore returns if he starts losing some snaps to Therezie or Ishmael on passing downs.


I'm not doing a picture for ST's. A lot of people logged snaps there and the list was too long. The good news is that of the 46 players that dressed, all but 3 players saw at least 2 snaps, even if it was only on ST's. The 3 players that didn't see the field = Jake Long, Stone, and Renfree.

The players that logged over 50% of the ST snaps in descending order = Stupar, Therezie, Weems, Ishmael, DiMarco, Biermann, Trufant, Alford, and T. Ward.

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