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Can Schraeder Play Guard? If So Move Long Into The Starting Lineup.

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Outside of one game against JJ Watt, I haven't seen a single reason anyone here could attempt to criticize Schaeder.

It's not that. People really want Long in the game so they are trying to find a way to move one of our tackles. Matthews has been lights out so Shraeder is the only other option. If we didn't have Long on the roster, you wouldn't hear a peep about Shraeder because he's doing his job pretty well.

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Leave long where he is. That was a Lebeau defense we faced yesterday. There's gonna be blitzes coming from everywhere. Matt wasn't sacked one time yesterday. Even with all the blitzes. Schraeder is fine. Leave the line alone. Also are we willing to maybe sacrifice the run game for Long? How do we know he can still run block? We don't even know if he can pass block?? He may be awful now. Freeman leads the league in rushing. I think I'd rather leave the line exactly the way it is.

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So you are talking about taking Levitre or Chester out of the OL, putting Schraeder in at their OG spots (which he's never played as far as I know), just so we can put Jake Long in at RT? Umm, no. That idea is terrible.

If you really want to get Jake on the field, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him in there as a 6th OL, subbing in as eligible. We would still have Tamme, Julio, Roddy, and Freeman on the field with Long as the 6th blocker. The defense would not know if we are going to run or pass out of this formation. Technically, it's a 2W/2T set, which is generally a running formation. Freeman and Tamme have been a great combination for the 3/4 receiving options though. We could split Freeman out wide from the formation forcing them to put a LBer on him with a Safety on Tamme since their defense wouldn't be in Nickel. This formation could provide better pass protection for opening up the deep ball while still being a very effective formation for running the ball.

Frankly, I'd like to see us do more of this in short yardage as well, except DiMarco subbing in for Tamme for obvious 3rd/4th and short.

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