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Where Is The No Huddle And Hurry Up?


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I have asked the same question. Especially when I see the offense come out in the same lull..series after series. I'm saying "Create a sense of urgency"!

There are several benefits..

One being that Matt seems to excel in hurry up.

It would allow us to set the pace and tempo of the game.

Also, limit subs..and gas the Defense a bit.

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Time for my routine disclaimer I have not posted in awhile. I am just a RaRa fan without the depth of football knowledge of the Xs and Os many of you possess. But I am also in the group of fans who think Ryan is a unique QB in his ability to run no huddle offenses while calling his own plays better than most in the NFL. Perhaps Shannihan's system is not that flexible, but it is a shame not to utilize this unique talent of Ryan's as another weapon to attack opposing defenses.

It is also appears to me that they are not having Ryan roll out as much as they did earlier in the season, nor as many play action passes and in the beginning. This may just be my perception though, so I would appreciate hearing from other fans on this matter. The offense lately seems just more predictable and without as many variations as the beginning of the season to me. Or perhaps that is just my flawed perception from watching a stalled offense struggle. After all, any play works if everyone executes it properly, and we have had too many penalties and mistakes kill nice drives in the last few games.

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