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Lol At This Website

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so apparently they've been doing some work on the web site here at

Used to be I could get here, hover the mouse over fan experience, and get a drop down menu to let me click the message boards. Now, hovering over it doesn't do anything, I have to click it. When I click it, it now brings up this whole new page Fan Hub or something like that. For the whole week, when you click on it, it brings up the bucs game info. Last week, it was the saints and the week before that the redskins, but whomever is doing this has completely skipped the Titans. I know they're bad, but good grief!


anyway, just something else screwed up about our beloved teams home page.

Oh, I always enjoy the message across the top that says "we notice you have an ad blocker, the site works better if you turn off the ad blocker"

yeah, works better for your 'click this' revenue, thanks but no thanks, I'll leave my ad block running laugh.png

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