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Anyone Else Interested In Seeing What Teco Can Do?

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I say this fully aware that Freeman should be the feature back and has a unique combination of power and vision (as well as great pass-catching ability). He has an ability to get 4-7 yds on nearly every carry.

However, I really would love to see Coleman in there as well. He has the one thing Freeman doesn't — breakaway speed — and that adds yet another dimension to the offense. Aside from that fumble — which was albeit incredibly untimely — TC's looked great this year.

Against NO, DF and TC had a combined 17 carries and averaged 7.1 yards. Meanwhile, Ryan threw the ball 44 times — a breakdown of 72%-28% pass to run. I know that partly that was influenced by the fact that were down by multiple scores in the 2nd half, but isn't a 50-50 breakdown a no-brainer given how effective the run game has been?

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I love having this as something to play with.

Here is a thought. Since our rb's are so good with the zbs. When we play a team that uses the zbs. We can just blitz the QB with our rbs, they will find the holes and kill the QB every time...

Maybe we should just do this in the playoffs...

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