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Who Do You Hate More? Bucs Or The Niners


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This thread is obviously inspired by TNF. I know I am supposed to hate a division rival more but from my perspective the Bucs have been a division rival for a blink and a half. Plus most Bucs fans I know hate their team so much it is hard to top.

Anyone else holding on to some old hatred?

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Guest facelessman07

When did the 49ers ever stop the Falcons from making it to the SB? The only time they've ever played each other in the playoffs was 98 and the Falcons won.


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I never got the Cowboys hate either. They weren't ever in the same division and don't play them much.

I get the hate I just think it is shared among some other teams. I worded that wrong. I meant the Cowboys, Eagles, and possibly the Broncos share the number 4 spot on that list. My list is much different.

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Lol, I'm with him then..he had me going to. I'm glad I forgot about it....it's a good thing to forget! You can't keep on stressing about it forever....let it go at some point. This can hurt you.

Anyone who is not Tandy is capable of making a mistake when it comes to remembering decades worth of football... even recent years.

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