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Philip Wheeler Signed. Charles Godfrey Released

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Falcons signed LB Philip Wheeler.

The eighth-year veteran was released by the 49ers before Week 1. Wheeler signed a huge deal with the Dolphins prior to the 2013 season, but was a bust, and started only four games in 2014. He'll serve as depth for a run defense allowing a league-low 78.8 yards per game. Once upon a time, Wheeler was also good in coverage. Oct 20 - 3:26 PM

I knew Wheeler signed with the 9ers this offseason, but what I didn't know was that he did not play in 3 consecutive preseason games due to a sprained leg. Not sure if that was a factor of him not making the team.

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If there is one thing with Worrilow that I disagree with ya'll.. is his athletic ability. All he needs to do is improve is his awareness in coverage. He's a good enough athlete to keep up with most backs and TE's (receivers like Cooks will burn him tho). He's good in man to man.. from what I have seen. But when he's in zone coverage.. my god he is horrible. The dude knows what his assignment is and executes well. But I have seen him time and time again miss opportunities to break up a pass or int the ball. He needs to watch A LOT of tape.

He lacks speed. You can't coach up speed. He is a liability in coverage and it is no longer a secret. Losing Shembo hurt us in coverages. Wheeler is better in that area, although I realize he won't supplant PW. I guess Quinn/Smith have a plan for him though and if he returns to form he should help the team

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Don't know how or why y'all consider worrilow a good Lb. Hard worker and a good story, but he never makes impact plays and is only decent at run defense. Let's not even talk about pass defense.

Saying wor is a good lb because of tackle stats is like saying decoud is a good safety because of INTs....or that cam is a top qb because he's scored a lot of total touchdowns

If we are being fair, he is better than Decent in the run game. More closer to solid.

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