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CLayborn has been good - two pieces just last week on him with some good metrics - He is def getting some pressure in the middle, its got to be Hags - we need more pass rush when leaving in the run package cuz teams are just going to throw on first down like last week.

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I wouldn't expect him to eat into Hageman's snaps. Hags has been a monster in the run game, just constant penetration when 1v1 and draws double teams other times. He's been alright when teams have dropped back to pass on early downs, he's usually able to just bull rush his man into the lap of the QB, but he doesn't have a move to disengage and finish the play with a sack

Not sure who's playtime Jarrett is going to eat into.. Maybe just more of a rotation. I know he's being groomed for the 3 tech but I can't see him taking Hags snaps.

Maybe he's going to play similar to how he has thus far, but then also play in our nascar packages. Whose snaps would he take between Clayborn or Babs? Clayborn looked like a revelation in the preseason but has been meh so far.. Tho I see him doubled often. Babs has been beasting in the run game but hasn't generated much pressure.. If Jarrett gets in on the pass rushing downs my guess would be he takes Babs snaps

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