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Falcons Better Get Them Linebackers Together. ( Panthers)


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Panthers just went thru the seahawks defense, using their tight ends. Had TWO tight ends go over a 100 yards a piece. Worrisome, Bartu, Durant, Brooks, and the rest are on notice.................

The Seahawks aren't as good as you and everyone else believed, and the Panties sure the **** aren't

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lmao.........zero superbowls....but hey, at least you get to cut other people down.........

Dude at least put some effort into your trolling you're so sad your aren't worth insulting.....

You should rethink your trolling, a good troll will get banned and here you are still posting..... maybe you should try harder....

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Funny how NOONE in this thread acknowleged that you BACKED UP what i heard...............lmao. Thats EXACTLY where i got the comment from. I was going back and forth between that game and the packers/chargers game. I saw Olsen dominated the panthers. When i heard THAT comment from the fox announcers, i assumed the OTEHR tight end was running wild too, thus, i made this post.

Some of THEM heard it too, and are playing dumb.

Dude they were talking about Graham and Olsen. Just like they said during the falcons saints game, "we have two quarterbacks approaching 300 yds passing"

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