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2015 Falcons = 2003 Panthers?

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I was just looking at some stuff and came across the Panthers 2003 season and I see a lot of similarities between the 2015 Falcons and the 2003 Panthers.

In 2003 the Panthers defensive minded coach, John Fox, was going into his 2nd year as the coach. The Panthers were coming off a 7-9 season the year before. One that saw them start 3-0 before losing 8 straight and then winning a few at the end to get to 7-9.

The 2003 Panthers started the season 5-0 with all but one of those games being a close nail biter, a 20-3 win over the Falcons. In fact, two of those five wins came in OT. I also distinctly remember their season opening win against Jacksonville where they scored a TD in the final seconds of the game to win 24-23.

Their 6th game of the year that year was at home against the Titans and they got hammered 37-17. They proceeded to go 3-5 after starting the season 5-0. They ended up finishing the year at 11-5 and NFC South champions. That means they got to have a home playoff game where they beat the crap out of the Cowboys 29-10.

They then went to St. Louis and pulled off the miracle double OT victory against the Rams. Beat the Eagles on the road the next week before losing the Super Bowl against the Patriots on a last second FG.

They ended up playing 5 OT games that year, pretty sure that's an NFL record. 10 of their wins that year (counting the playoffs) came by 7 points or less.

You know the Falcons story so far so there's no reason to recap it. But there are a lot of similarities here so far.

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