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Solving Our Issues With Tight Ends

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I'm at work and in a sour mood after last night, so I'll make this brief - Jalen Collins. He has struggles with quick breaks and cuts, but he's plenty large and fast - a great matchup on paper. Short of an Ogletree, he's a great solution. Or at least worth a try. Think he's the best shot we've got.

At worst, please play man or have someone bump them off the LOS. Christ.


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Got to solve our problems with the pass rush first. The scheme is predicated on being able to consistently generate pressure

I don't really think it's really an either or. Both are big problems and a coach like Payton and a QB like Brees are going to go to that well until we prove we can stop it. The pass rush is a huge concern, though, I agree. I would like to see a little more man coverage so we can bring some extra guys if that's what we have to do to get home and affect the QB.
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