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P A N I C ! ! !


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Guys, we got this...not to worry yet.

Saw this article from Pat Kirwan (dude who is on CBS sometimes, great knowledge)

FALCONS STILL EXPLOSIVE: For Falcons fans who are upset about their team’s loss on Thursday night there is a bit of a silver lining, and it comes in two parts. First, the offense is still humming. Two weeks after posting their lowest offensive output, they ran up 413 yards of total offense, their third-highest total of the season and their 400+ yard effort in six games"

Full thing here.... https://realfootballnetwork.com/5848/10-16-15-thurs-review-non-wrs-the-big-book/

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If it was a Sunday game I might be more concerned. I had major reservations about this game because of the schedule. Thursday night traveling teams are at a major disadvantage. Also being that it was a rivalry game, and we had some things to work on from last Sunday- I'm waiting to panic.

Also, it seems like things went south as soon as Person went out. Hope to see him back soon.

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