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Seriously, how new are some of you to NFL football? As embarrassing and annoying as it is to give the obnoxious, toothless Saints fan base anything to be happy about, think about this -

We didn't lose anyone to injuries. Saints lost their 1st round pick LT of the future and a couple other players.

We won't be in cap trouble next season. Saints will.

We have a promising future with a franchise QB entering his prime. Saints just had to draft their QB of the future because theirs is breaking down and will cost almost 30MM next year.

We have a great new HC who has already changed the culture in Atlanta for the better. Saints are already shopping the position and looking at a rebuilding phase.

We are still the better team despite one crappy game.

Melting down is just even more embarrassing. Whether it's losing or winning, always act like you've been there before - because we have. National tv this, media respect, blah blah blah. Nobody will remember this game next month, and it will be ancient history after we start moving through the playoffs.

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these positives can be looked at in a few days. this is a rivalry that means more. fans SHOULD be pissed off or i dont consider them fans. the ******** center doesn't know how to snap the ball properly, and i'm not even talking about the one where he snapped it to himself...

losing to the aints is much more than just one L on the record

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