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10 Days Of This "terrific" Feeling. Screw You, Tnf!


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Facts of negativity

1) National Spotlight Embarrassment

2) Most Hated Rival gives us our first loss

3) Undefeated season dream dies

4) Opponent has not been good, rocks us.

5) 10 days we must wait for any redemption.

6) Panthers are still undefeated.

My Personal Fun Fantasy Football Facts

1) I have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Matt Bryant. All 3 really underwhelmed, Ryan was alright.

2) I drafted, dropped wk 1, passed on waivers for week 3 on Devonta Freeman, who is killing it, including tonight.

3) My bro-in-law has enjoyed him thoroughly and of course just whipped/played me with Freeman, while the Falcons lose.

4) I had to start B Cooks due to a ton of Q markings on players on my team and had to go with what I knew on a Thursday. Lame.

Facts of positivity

1) Saints are still 2-4

2) We are still 5-1

3) Julio, Person, Durant, etc. gets to rest

4) Our schedule isn't daunting


Hurry up Monday night Star Wars trailer....

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