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This Game Feels Fixed Sad To Say, But It Really Does

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Its not only the refs, Matt Ryan is usually sure handed, he fumbled 2 snaps, coleman fumble, and I thought if a defender impacted the kickee in anyway, it was roughing the kicker. But I guess that rule dosent apply to the saints....with all that said, Falcons are clearly not as good as we hoped, one more offseason, one more good draft might get there to Bew England, Green Bay, Denver, Cincinnati type elite.....but not this year.

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WHy are we frauds? Lil Shanny is getting beat at chess by Rob Ryan. We are making too many mistakes. Refs are calling us for tick tack calls that they wont call on the Saints. The saints are also playing harder than they have all season

Its fine. (as i type this another horse collar from the saints) we are 5-1 and going to the playoffs (statistically) and they would have to have one of the greatest turn arounds in history to make it.

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Yea it's a landslide but the falcons did their share of shooting themselves in the foot too. The Falcons lost this game. What people have a hard time understanding is that this happens. It sucks but it's ok to have a loss. The stains where playing with their backs against the wall. They waited us out and they won. Football rarely allows an undefeated season. It just sucks it was new Orleans that blemished our record. The meltdowners will say we're frauds and let them. If this is what they take pleasure in let them have it. Lol that's pretty sad but it's pretty clear they enjoy your misery too so why give it to them? If pu**y posters need to have the Falcons lose to gain some sense of validation I truly pity them.

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