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Gazoo's Key To The Game


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The Sainst are #31 in the NFL in rushing defense. The Falcons offense is #6 in the NFL in rushing.

I expect the Falcons game plan will be to run the ball perhaps more than we have so far to keep our offense on the field, slowly gas the Saints defense, control the clock and most importantly keep the ball out of Brees hands.

This game plan will also keep our pass rushers fresh throughout the game. If our front four can't get to Brees and he sits back and picks us apart I anticipate some different defensive front looks, perhaps a few more blitzes mixed in with some stunts we haven't seen yet. I'm sure we'll see mostly man coverages. With Saints starting LT and LG out, we may not need to change anything up.

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They are going to key the run in hopes of slowing us down. We will throw and spread them out. Then run right through them. Rob Ryan is coaching for his career tonight.

If they stack the line to stop the run we will absolutely destroy them with our full back, running backs, TEs and Wrs with dinking and dunking. Then they will,adjust and we'll keep running on them.

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I agree about establishing the run game. BUT I don't wanna see Freeman get 25+ carries again. Love what he's doing but I hate backs who run so many times.

Take cooks out of the ball game and force Brees to beat you with his other young guys.

Good point about Freeman handling the full load. If he's healthy, I expect to see Coleman get a bunch of carries, maybe even in 2 back sets with Freeman and Coleman in at same time.

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