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Need Some Advice From Fellow Fans

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So, for years I wore my Keith Brooking jersey to games (occasionally alternating out a Patrick Kerney). Then he left and was a total jackwad, so I made a personal rule that I wouldn't get a jersey for a player who was still playing so as to avoid that issue. I now wear my Mitchell and Ness throwback Jessie Tuggle jersey (he's my favorite player ever, so it works out anyways). I get compliments on that jersey from fans almost every week in the Dome.

However, the more I read about Devonta Freeman, particularly his attitude and demeanor, the more I think I may get his jersey. The fact that he's kicking all kinds of tail these days doesn't hurt, either.

So, I put it to you folks - do I take the plunge?

(Yes, this is kinda silly, but what the heck, right?)

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I am very picky about the Jersey's I wear. If the player isn't someone I would invite over for dinner, I am not wearing his name.

I have a #2 Jersey and a super-dope, black Warrick Dunn jersey.

To your question: I think you are in the clear with Freeway. But I actually think we have a team of mostly good guys.

I'd buy a Trufant, Worrilow, Freeway, Julio, Roddy, Mathews, Soliai, Babs or Alford jersey and feel pretty good about it.

Stay away from 'Shede, though. Love him, but he is gonna be on TMZ one day. Hopefully, it will be for something silly like a possession charge.

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I currently have a Ryan, Jones, White jersey line up. I don't mind buying marquee players since they have a good shot at longevity with the club.

Freeman, while an amazing human, and awesome back, will likely not have that longevity as much as it pains me to say that.

But then again I also have retired a Douglas, Vick, Brooking lineup as well. And a Sanders throwback.

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