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Saints Fans Planning To Sabotage Falcons Hotel

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Originally Posted by stevend viewpost.gif
Or maybe someone needs to have a "broken down" car in the middle of Causeway Blvd and W Esplanade tomorrow afternoon.

Operation: Dirty Bird Delay has begun. There is a fire station right there w an emergency light. Does anyone here have connections w the fire department or traffic system? We'd only need then to shut down a major thoroughfare in Metairie for about 3-4 hours bc there's no place to turn around or move around the traffic if they're stuck right before the light.


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I guess it didn't work because now there's a thread begging fans to not wear bags

Lmao. Did you read the thread? Check out these gems...

"Bags? Cmon people don't wear a damm bag on your head... unless its a plastic one."

"I read that a local funeral home will be giving out plastic bags to the first 40,000 fans in tonights game as a promotion."

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