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I kind of figured all 1-5. I looked at the coaching style of Dan Quinn, saw flashes of Devonta when smith finally let him have some touches back to back and remeber how he ran with heart at florida state. Devonta ran hard with our sorry OL last year that alone should have shown you what he had! Roddy is getting older and is experiencing the changing of the guard to Julio, he will make some important catches this year! The OL has great coaching along with 2 former starters in the ZBS they have jelled week to week starting in training camp and moving on. OL play is all about chemistry and they are coming together with the coaching and positive energy surrounding their play. Our running defense has been good we just have never had the personnel and the coaching to make it like it is going now! Chemistry and positive energy is once again helping the players to their jobs because now the are held ACCOUNTABLE for their play...........period and without question! I see better things down the road for our team with the Coaching, Positive Energy, Accountability and darn right nasstyness of our team................les I forget TOUGHNESS!!!

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