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A Saints Fans Thread...

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Galette F'ed your cap too, would have been tight next year, but a Brees restructure would have made enough room to do a few things.

It completely screwed us. We went from no dead money next year, to $12 million right off the bat. That's not even getting into getting rid of one of your best defenders for nothing. Tough call. But the Saints hands were tied.

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A lot of them seem to be hoping it happens. People feel like Payton has lost his fire and to a certain extent, I see it. He's just not the same as he was presuspension. Not sure what happened, he just seems disconnected. He used to be animated on the sideline. Congratulating guys on good plays. Laying into guys for mistakes. That just doesn't happen now.

They got him off the Hydrocodone instead got him in Suboxone strips so he lost all the highs and speed,he now have the jitters and cold sweats.
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we're consoling ourselves with his 4 fourth quarter comebacks and a 5 -0 record. That and the anticipation of the paper bags returning to the dome on Thursday.

You may actually get to hear what a REAL CROWD sounds like this Thursday.

With your ears used to that piped in garbage, it will probably blow your mind.

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My problem with the "prevent defense", "keep the ball in front of you" thought process is that you are one missed tackle from a huge gain.

My problem with prevent defense is it doesn't live up to its name: it's really the 'olé' dense. It prevents nothing. Unless you literally just need to eat up time and nothing else, I can't see any reason why that abomination to the name of football that is the prevent defense should see the field of play.

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Hello my Falcons friends! Long time no see! Being that it's hate week, I figured I'd stop in. I come for two things. The first is to wish you good luck and an injury free game. The second is to answer any questions you may have about the Saints before the upcoming game. Many of you know me, if you don't, I've been here quite a while and have no intention of this being anything but an informative thread.

Anyway, not sure there's much you need to know, as we suck, but ask away! I'm hoping for a good game but expecting a slaughter.

Of the 2; Was losing Sproles or Graham the most responsible for Offense woes?

Are your defensive issues, mostly personnel, mostly Rob Ryan or both.

Is Sean back on the back pills?

Will Brees end his career as a Saint or with another team?

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