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A Saints Fans Thread...

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Sorry, don't like ANY Saints fan so you won't be an exception. Saints are a pathetic team with a coach that has lost his balls and a QB who only lives for stats. Defense doesn't exist and you will be in complete rebuild mode by this offseason. Did I miss anything? Nah. I didn't.

Oh wait... Loomis the CAP Genius eh?

Quality post. Thanks for the input.

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With Brees apparently being in the twilight of his career and being able to look back on his accomplishment and Ryan potentially entering the prime of his with a staff and team being built around him, who do you think has the final career accolades above the other?

I think Brees will be hard to catch. Obviously, Ryan has started immidiately in a different time in the NFL. Passing numbers will continue to rise. But the numbers Brees has put up the last 9 years have been other worldly. Brees has benefitted in playing in a great system as well. We throw the ball a ton. Ryan could catch him, just not sure he'll ever play in a system quite like the Saints. Especially with Quinn in town.

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OP seems like a cool guy, for a saints fan wink.png

What do your ideal next 10 months look like OP?(record, GM, coaching, players, draft)

Ideal?! 12-4 Super Bowl champs, Loomis, Payton! Lol.

However, that won't happen. If we're going to suck, I'd like to have a high draft choice and get a chance at a difference maker. I really like Nkemdiche, but think the organization has to look at Goff as well. Loomis can stay as GM. He's good with numbers. I like the guys in place that are making the football decisions now. As far as coaching, I want Ryan gone. I'm not sure about Payton. If he does stay, I want him to allow his d-coordinator to bring in his own position coaches for the first time in his career. I want a new special teams guy as well.

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Are there any players you feel that the saints really regret letting go of in the form of FA or Trades? I know I was shocked when I had heard that they traded Stills.

Stills is probably missed just as much as Graham. We really miss having a guy other than Cooks that can stretch the field. Other than that, not really. I mean, you obviously miss Jimmy, but I think the team is happy with Unger and Anthony. Anthony looks the part.

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With the saints possibly being over the cap next year who would be your cuts/restructures for next year? Any free agents catch your fancy?

Brees is the obvious one. Doing something with him immidiately puts us under the cap. Jordans deal could be played with a bit. I can see Hawthorne and Ellerbe being cut. As much as I'd like to see Browner gone, it's just not possible.

Haven't really looked into FA so far. I'm hoping they stay out of it and just start building through the draft.

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