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Falcons Are A Great Team This Year

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Through 5 Weeks

Turnover Differential - +5 (T-5th)

Offensive Points Per Game - 32.4 (3rd)

Offensive Yards Per Game - 406.2 (4th)

Offensive Passing Yards Per Game - 280.2 (8th)

Offensive Rushing Yards Per Game - 126.0 (9th)

Defensive Points Per Game - 22.4 (15th)

Defensive Yards Per Game - 366.4 (20th)

Defensive Passing Yards Per Game - 288.0 (30th)

Defensive Rushing Yards Per Game - 78.4 (1st)

The only number there that can be worrisome is the passing yards given up per game. But a lot of that is because we do such a great job of stopping the run that teams have to throw the ball a lot against us. The other defensive numbers are improving every game.

When Kyle Shanahan talked about getting a balanced attack on offense this is exactly what he meant. Ranking in the top 10 in both rushing and passing yards per game. That's incredible. Not many teams pull that off because usually teams are either too pass or too run oriented.

I'm very happy and the best part is knowing that it will be even better next year after another offseason of bringing in the right type of players.

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