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Since Everyone Loves Stats: Some Of Ours On The Year

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Don't think any of this is the be-all end-all personally, especially since we're still clicking, but eh. Here we go. Some of them are very impressive given where we used to be. Just thought it was fun to look at.

First, on offense.


- we are ranked 5th in total offense (yards), averaging 406.2 ypg

- 3rd in PPG at 32.4 pts. One of three teams averaging 30+ per game

- 2nd in TOP with an absurd 34:25 per game

- 2nd in 3rd down conversions at 51%

- tied 1st for 4th down conversions too - haven't missed a single one all year. 4 for 4. No other team with a 100% rate has attempted that many either. Quinn was especially ballsy this game.

- 9th in TO margin at +4

- 3rd most 1st downs per game


- 8th in passing YPG, 280.2 YPG

- middling in sacks allowed now. 15th with 9

- 8th in plays of 20+ with 17, 3rd in plays of 40+ with 5. This surprised me


- 8th in rushing YPG with 126 yards! Wow! It's been a while since we could say anything like that

- only 2 plays of 20+ on the ground. None of 40+. Just surprisingly consistent.

- longest run play of the year was 23 yards

- 1st in first downs by running with 38

- also 1st in rushing TDs with 10. next closest has 8

On to defense.


- 19th in YPG allowed with 366.4 ypg. Pretty bad, but top 20 is a pleasant surprise after all these terrible rankings over the years.

- 13th in PPG with 22.4. Not bad, honestly, especially considering the garbage time TDs we gave to Houston.

- 20th in 3rd down conversion percentage with 40%. This could absolutely use work.

- 7 forced fumbles is 7th in the league, but we've only recovered 4 of them, which is...admittedly, also 7th.

- 9th in 4th down conversion percentage allowed, allowing 2 of 6 to be converted. Good, and even better when you consider two of the teams with 0% haven't had any attempted against them, and only one team above us has had more attempted against them


- 30th in passing YPG allowed with 288. Slightly skewed, sure, but at the same time, that goes for plenty of other teams in the league. They've been pretty bad overall. Our safety play is rough, we've had a lot of missed assignments as we adjust, we give up a ton of yardage to RBs because of poor LB coverage, and our pass rush ranges from pretty good to mediocre.

- 10th in passing TDs allowed with just 6. Solid I suppose

- 5th in INTs with 6. Much better.

- 8th in QBR allowed with 82.4 - also better!

- also, 5th in PDs with 29. Good stuff.

- 26th in sacks with 6. No comment. Ugh. To be fair, teams are getting rid of the ball absurdly quickly, but there have also been plenty of times where the pressure wasn't there...our talent is iffy. Also, we're selling out to stop the run a lot, so it's hard to get a good gauge


- 2nd in the league with just 78.4 yards allowed per game. Crazy when you consider it's been skewed further by a three play stretch against Dallas.

- we've allowed the 4th most runs of 20+ yards (5), but no 40+ yard runs

- 14th in yards per run allowed with 3.9. Seven teams above us tied for 7th with 3.8. We stifle the Saints and we improve there too, for whatever that's worth.

- allowed the most rushing TDs in the league with 8. That's not good

Anyways, that's a general breakdown of the stats. Do what you will with em, stats don't matter to me a bunch (especially at the quarter mark) but the idea of us becoming a great running offense and having an even average defense is exciting.

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You realize we won this game because Cousins has to hurry his throw as Stupar was bearing down on him, don't you?

You realize that a whole 60 minutes plus had already been played where we got no pressure, dont you?

So now youre going to come back with blah blah we got pressure when it counted.

Then Im going to come back with if we had been getting pressure in the game more often then we probably wouldn't have been in that situation to begin with.

Face it man, our pass rush still sucks.

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Guest Negatorris

I hate the "teams are throwing the ball quickly" excuse. No, that's BS. If it was that easy to prevent sacks EVERY team would do it and nobody would get sacks. Our pass rush is just super weak. Everyone loves Bryan Cox but he should have been gone with everyone else. Our DL never can get a good get off and just get stonewalled by opposing OLs.

The PHI game was awesome(1st half) but it's gone downhill ever since. We desperately need Clayborn to step it tf up because Beasley is getting doubled team a pot and it pretty much neutralizes our pass rush because he's the only dangerous one up there. Clayborn has been a bust signing so far. Quinn didn't have the best pass rush in Seattle but they created so much pressure and their secondary is full of All-Pro's.

This lack of a pass rush is going to hurt us in the playoffs.

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