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What's With The Crowd?

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I have no voice now and will be without it tomorrow. The peeps around me make a lot of noise and BTW.......There is no wine and cheese in our section.

Same here. I'm pretty raspy at the moment and probably will be for the next 2 days. I will say that most on here are right though, I was yelling at folks aroun us to get up and make some noise... They just looked at me like I was stupid. To make things worse I had to yell for them to STFU when we were on offense. About as bad as I've ever seen it today and I'm usually defending the crowd. However, nice 5 & 0 chant waking out the dome...

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Get a surround system and turn it up.

Sounded fine to me.

You have to understand something.

The pee wee football team that gets up in the middle oh the third quarter and leaves.

Not everyone that goes to a falcons game is a fanatic like us.

Seriously. I thought it sounded loud today, especially for a 1:00 game vs. a not very exciting opponent where the team wasn't playing well.

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Go to a game if you really want to know how the crowd is. Irl >>>>> TV speakers

I have been to quite a few games.

This crowd here just doesn't get into it like some other crowds.

I remember one time I was right next to a camera man and both he and the entire section just looked at me in bewildered amazement at my attempts to fire up the people around me.

Go back and watch the game. You'll notice when they cut to the crowd while the Skins were on offense many of the people were just standing there looking at their phone or just staring.

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To each his own.

I think its really sad to visit forums and constantly try to put other posters down to make yourself feel better.

But like I said, to each his own.

That's your assumption. I respond accordingly to each thread I post in. If your feelings are hurt by me not caring about crowd noise, that's you. To each his own. If you don't like the way I post, take my advice and put me on ignore. Please 🙅
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