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Does Anyone Know Why Tevin Coleman Carries The Ball Only In His Left Hand?

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We practice carrying in both left and right hands with our 3/4 grade team now, depending on which way they run. Have an immensely talented 4th grader, with great burst and change of direction (who happens to be left-handed) who always carries on the left side. And yes, he has fumbled. In games and during drills. We are working with him to get used to carrying on the right side. He claims "he's not good at it". It's mental and takes multiple repetitions... Surprised this was never done with Coleman.

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This was a concern of mine when they drafted Coleman and I felt that it would lead to fumbles if not corrected so I watched for it the first 2 games and twice I saw him run right and carry in his right arm. Hopefully it's no longer a problem. Concealed carry is much better than open carry!

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This has always been an issue for me how backs run in the nfl. When I played my coaches told me to carry the ball in the hand closest to the sideline. In other words if you're closer to the left sideline switch to your left. Also we ran cone drills where we switched the ball. That drill was about 10 small cones set up left...right...left...right etc...

The object was run to the first cone. If it's the left cone you'd carry the ball on your left. Touch the ground then switch hands and run to the next cone, touch the ground, switch hands and so on and so on full speed. No stopping.

This helps with balance trying to stop yourself from falling while switching hands to the closest sideline after reversing field. In games that was the most fundamental thing I used. Ball awareness and keeping it in the hand closest to the sideline it's by. Always puzzled me a lot of pros don't do it. Some do but many don't. It prevents a lot of fumbles because the defender is usually on the opposite side of the ball.

Some of these drills make things second nature during games.

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Same, but there was always the guy with talent who just did what was comfortable. It worked for him and no one else.

Difference now is he's at the top level and everyone is as equally talented.

Slightly of topic but I'm sure is related but polniesian kids in our code have that mindset becasue they are physically bigger and faster use that at the lower levels and when they move to higher levels and the talent eqvalates they stick with what worked instead of working harder and hence they fall away.

What I'm getting at here its a mental thing for a guy like Coleman for him he's doing what comes naturally but for him at this level its that top 2 inchs that will make the difference.While swapping the ball in the correct hand when running in a certain direction may seem small in the long haul could prove very effective for his playing career.

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Well the worrisome part about it is the fact that switching the ball to his right could have:

A. Possibly avoided the injury because he wasn't able to put a stiff arm out there and kind of shield the hit off. Maybe a stiff arm would have just led to him being tripped up and not landing the way he did.


B. Maybe if he switched the ball to his right on that run, maybe a stiff arm allows him to get past that defender. It was a corner or safety and if he could have made his way past him he has some food grass in front of him.

To me it's a concern. Can't always protect himself the way he needs to.

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