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Falcons On First Take


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I am finding this somewhat humorous.

In preseason and through the first 3 games we played, while the media largely ignored us, many in the Falcons own fanbase who (understandably) were skeptical about how good we looked and used the "we haven't played anyone good yet" argument to back up their fears.

Now, the fanbase has largely started believing this team actually IS really good (understandably) and has largely discarded that argument, but the media, who is NOW paying attention to us, grabs the baton from the fans and runs with it parroting same argument that we haven't payed anyone and won't play anyone all year!

I wasn't skeptical of our defense I was skeptical of our offensive line but I still predicted 16-0 and if I'm right you owe me 200 dollars

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Guest Negatorris

I don't like how we're labeled as a bad passing defense, we gave up 232 yards to hoyer in the 4th quarter. Without our backups giving that up, our pass defense would be 18th in the NFL.

Still sucks.

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