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Question About Being On Field For Pre-Game


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Wondering if anyone's been on the field for pre-game warmups. The Falcons have a thing where season ticket holders can redeem "points" towards various activities and my family and I were thinking it would be cool to be on the field for pre-game, but wondered how they actually do it. I'm sure they don't just let the fans wander around with no restrictions, but do you get to interact with the players/coaches at all? Is there a pen where they keep the fans in one location? Is it permissible to ask for autographs, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

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There is a roped-off area in the endzone where the fans are allowed to stand pre-game. You might get the chance to interact with a player, but it is at the discretion of the player. Most tend to their business warming up for the game.

Figured that would be the case. So, really, it's just a closer view of warm-ups than you'd get from the stands, but that's about it?

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As someone who has worked sales for a professional football team, call into the sales department and pretend to be a high roller looking for a suite or something. They will surely give you the treatment, from autographed footballs to sideline passes to try and close the deal.

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