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Did You Guys Notice Dimitroff During The Game?

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time to forgive him--even I have backed off

I mean Julio Tru and Alford were great picks

and Freeman. And Ryan. And Matthews. Heck even biermann ( because of being a late pick). Moore. Gonzalez, turner, etc etc etc.

And before someone mentions Ray Edwards, or guys who get hurt like Baker/Coleman/Hester...... That crap happens on all great teams. Clay Matthews on the packers is littered with injuries. So is bj raji.

I hope people see that it was sadly mike Smith and his scheme that was bad. And other teams started figuring out how he played. (Basically hold your ground the first two quarters. Then let loose in the third quarter. And finish in the fourth..... And if you still need help, you knew Mike Smith would bell you out with a time out or two)

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Falcons are winning big in the 4th quarter. The cameras zoned in on TD and the look on his face, well... what did you guys think? What did TD appear to be feeling or thinking right there?

Looked to me he was thinking "and to think I built this from weak, lost, moribund franchise that never even had back to back winning seasons before I got here, starting with my first pick of drafting the best QB this franchise has ever had, to".............which suddenly was displaced by "haters can kiss my @ss"


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I have absolutely loved TD from day one. Loved him being humble in the rebalancing of responsibilities. That said had this team sucked it would have been an indictment of his ability to gather talent

Smart move on arty blank to give him a year sans smitty t check that

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Okay are we true Falcon fans? We have to back off the guy please. Has he been perfect, NO! But with the exception of 2 years we've been pretty good and 70% of NFL franchises can't say that look;

Some of us wanted Sexy Rexy but TD and company picked DQ . . .smh

Some of us didn't like the Hawley trade . . . smh

Some of us didn't like what we gave up for Julio . . . smh

Some of us tried to shame the Beerman and run him out of town, but ... smh

Some of us wanted Dimarco, Tyson Jackson, Tollio and others cut . . .smh

Some of us thought Shanny was living off his father's name and didn't like his ZB ...smh

The list goes on and on under TD's watch. Lets get behind the guy instead of worrying about how he wears HIS hair. Or who the Beerman's wife is or if Stone should or shouldn't be on this team or starting. Or slamming M. Smith who did a great job bringing us back but whose time to go was right. It is time for us fans to RISE UP!

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"Naw mofo sons! Dimi was thinking about he troff'd himself! Gave up all them picks for a shiny hood ornament that had 4 catches yesterday. DEMARCO MURRAY."

- Anonymous TATF'er.

********! Revisionism! Delusion! Ignorance! Stupidity! With our powers combined, Captain Hindsight!!

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