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Thank You Mr Dimitroff For Signing Matt Bryant


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After watching all these awful,place kickers blow games for teams this year, it reminds me of what a brilliant signing Matt Bryant was of TDs.

I don't think TD gets near enough credit for this acquisition, the dude is total money inside the 50 and as we most likely advance to the playoffs this year, having him on our team could be the difference between advancing or sitting home watching from your couch if you are a player.

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There's a ton of awful kickers out there. Steelers lost on Thursday because their kicker kept missing field goals. The Jaguars lost today because their kicker kept missing field goals. The Bucs kicker missed one last week that would have kept keep them in that game and today missed two that would have helped keep them in this game. Just lots of terrible kickers this year. There's reason only about 8-10 trustworthy kickers. The rest are a coin flip. I think you're going to start seeing teams go for two more because of all the missed field goals.

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Before Bryant,

we had the worst Kickers Falcons ever had,

it suxed!

Agree, Way to go, Td!

Add Bosher the Beast!

TD is 2 for 2!

Jason Elam was really good in 2008. Yeah he lost it in 2009 but can't forget how good and clutch he was in 2008. Game-winning kicks against the Bears and Bucs. Falcons in their history have been very fortunate with regards to kicker.

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One time I want the ******* Cowboys to win and the little ****** blow it! **** you Dallas! **** you right in the *****! So badly wanted an 0-4 Saints. Would have left me laughing my *** off!

Me too, I really, really wanted to saints lose after blowing that FG attempt. Dayum!!

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