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Paul Worrilows Worth

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Can't put an exact number on it, but MLB's aren't exactly the highest paid players in the NFL, so I'd say the "Worth" is relatively low. 4Yr 12-14M? That's practically Starter money though considering Woodyard signed a 4 year 15M contract with the titans.

Just have a nagging feeling that Worrilow will be a backup.rotational player next year.

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He is a ok player, but unlike the last regime, we now seem to be worried about upgrading and strengthening key positions rather than just settling for ok players. I would love him as a rotation player because he plays hard, but to me he is a very average player. I got tired of him whiffing tackles and playing matador defense in most of the Dallas game

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If you look at what ILB's in a 4-3 system currently make, and taking into consideration his potential as a young player, he will be paid middle of the road. Make no mistake, Worrilow has a lot of value if he hits free agency, to a lot of teams. You can already see him taking a step forward in Quinn's system, as he is a very aggressive inside player. He is a hard worker, and extremely liked by the staff and team, and he is a defensive captain. He will play out the last year of contract, then be re-signed. All of this is based on him staying healthy.

4 years-16 million

6.5 million guaranteed

3 Million signing bonus

Base Salaries:

2017- 2.5 million(guaranteed)

2018- 3 million (1 mil guaranteed)

2019 - 4 million

2020 - 4.5 million

Other 2 million will be based off roster bonuses/incentives throughout contract.

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