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A Conversation In The A T & T Dome After Game.

Falcon Freddie

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Was just about to post that. Really hoping we can yell 6-0 at Saints fans.

I remember that one strongly, and not just b/c I was there with my family. I was so excited that year about how well that we were doing, that I got curious about if we had ever done so well before.

What I discovered was that, in our history, up until that point, we had never started 5-0 in the team's history. We'd had a couple 4-0 starts, but never 5-0. I remember that I made a thread about it too.

So then, if we go 5-0 again this year, it will be only the 2nd time ever, for the Falcons to have done this, and the same will be true of 6-0, 7-0, and 8-0.

Of course, I don't want to get ahead off myself, but I do get a little happy thinking about the fact that, if we were to go undefeated into the bye, as many here talk about us possibly doing, it would then obviously be the first time in Falcons history, for us to have accomplished such a feat.

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