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What Will Be Our First Loss This Year?


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Is it too optimistic to say that we will not lose a game this season or too pessimistic to contemplate when our first loss will be?

10/4 Houston - at home, good D, OK QB but definitely not scary

10/11 Washington - at home, terrible QB and not great overall

10/15 at New Orleans - Brees around? only 4 days rest? is NO thinking about next year by now?

10/25 at Tennessee - young, energetic QB and team, chance for them to knock off a good team in their home? Are we refreshed after a 10 day rest?

11/1 Tampa Bay - division rivalry? did beat NO and maybe a trap game?

11/8 at San Francisco - long trip west but SF has been bad the last couple of weeks

11/22 Indianapolis - Luck back on track by now? defense nothing to fear plus we should be strong after bye week before

11/29 Minnesota - surprise team if Peterson remains strong, but at home and QB not really super

12/6 at Tampa Bay - if we lose to them, would make more sense to lose in TB

12/13 at Carolina - could determine who wins division? Has Cam been knocked out by now? but good defense

12/20 at Jacksonville - another possible surprise team? are we possibly resting our players by now and care less about this game?

12/27 Carolina - same as before, could determine division, but this one is at home and our offense is not one-dimensional

1/3 New Orleans - will either side care who wins? Brees out for season by now?

I think our first loss could be the game in Tennessee not because we are overmatched talent-wise but simply because we might face a young, inspired QB (and maybe an irritated ex-Falcons WR?)

I think if we get by N.O. at the Stinky Dome, I don't see a misstep until maybe week 11 & 12, VS Indy & Minnesota. Even though both games are at home, either one could be a loss ---

I don't see us beating Carolina both times, but I think we can win both of the T.B. games.

The way I see it, we could easily go 11-5 or 12-4 --- and win the NFC South!

I sure hope I'm right ---

Yeah, "WE READY"!!!!!!!

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Well, we could easily be 0-3 right now. That said, the league let us steal 3 wins while we were learning new systems on both sides of the ball. If your not an Atlanta fan, things are getting scary. That bunch in A-town is starting to believe. They are getting more confident in their new offensive and defensive systems. The coaching staff is out coaching their opponents, in game, on a weekly basis. The OL is starting to ZB better every week. We still have major personnel cogs that haven't seen the field yet in Hester and Reed.

They let us steal 3 wins in a "rebuilding year." The confidence that comes from that will be hard to stop. At some point, we are going to start putting 3 quarters together...then 4.

I think we will lose a game at some point. However, I think it will be serve as a wake-up call. I would not want to be the team that has to face this bunch the week following the loss.

All that said, my guess is that it will be in New Orleans. Thursday games are traditionally tough onf the road team. They are already 3 games behind two 3-0 teams in their division. They literally have noting to play for this year other than beating us. We are so much better than them it isn't funny. But, the best team doesn't always win.

Wouldn't doubt it. I'd be willing to bet the officiating in that game will be so blatantly pro-Saints that we probably have no shot at winning in the Sewer Dome. Good post.

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Id more worried about Tennessee on the road than Houston at home. Houston wont be able to keep up with our O scoring they would need some D scores to have a shot. Saints game is a hard pick will Brees be back? Might be his return game at home against a division rival would be another tough one

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NFCCG :( 17-1

Odds are against a regular season sweep...I don't think it's impossible. We get Minny/Indy at home.

The NFCE gambit was the toughest stretch IMHO...3-0.

Carolina is decent, but I don't see them massively improving throughout the season.

Seattle, Packers, healthy Dallas and Az are the competition...see them in the playoffs.

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After 3 games, all of which had periods of inconsistency, I still don't know if I believe we can become more dominant as the season goes on, or if the afore mentioned inconsistency will cost us some games we are capable of willing. However, I have never been more excited about what Quinn and Co. are doing.

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I really don't think we'll lose to Houston this week. Not at home against a team quarterbacked by Ryan Mallett. I think next week's game hosting Washington should be a victory as well. In all seriousness, if Brees plays, that Thursday nighted in NO could be tough, despite the fact that the Aints are a train wreck.

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