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Rave It Was Bound To Happen


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I joined the club of get a new device and 1 breaks.

got my new TV got it all set up nicely. Was happy.

Then my phone locks me out. No matter what i try and cant break into my phone.

So unless im at my PC i cant post here. Itll take a few days probably for me to get another phone.

Anyone know any places that have deals on phones. Freaking note 4 cost more than the note 5 right now.

best buy has $100.00 off g4. But G4 doesnt have great wireless bands or camera.

Im looking for a flagship phone but dont wanna spend the bank. odd time of year to get a phone. I despise apple so thats out the question.

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Well, I should be able to buy a PS4 outright tonight, so I should be good also, biggrin.png

I haven't played Madden in a few days. Im on week 3 as the Cowboys.

I have no doubts Ill win that game, but I cant bring myself to even look at that damm team right now.

Every post by 92.9 The Game, ESPN, Sportscenter, or NFL.com about the Falcons on my newsfeed on FB has even been hidden.

Butthurt? You could say that.


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Your gonna laugh at this....

I went to walmart yesterday. I was in the parking lot walking up to the door. Some old black guy and his girl walks up to me in the middle of the parking lot and says "We dont like your kinda around here".

My first thought was take another step and im break your arm off and shove it down your throat. ******* raciest.

I wasnt paying attention i was wearing my Falcons shirt. vince.gif

I kept on walking because i had earbuds in and i knew id crush him. So i just gave him the whats up look. Then i get to the front door and another old black man stops me. Asks me "would you have still wore that shirt if you didnt win sun?"

So i got it now. I told him. We are the Falcons and ive been a fan to long to let 1 game bother me. Ive seen bad times and survived.

Any how we talked about the game and he was sad. He said we whooped their butts. I felt bad and tried to cheer him up. I told him how we talked about gameplans and its was a bad mistake to go hard at a team thats won every game in the 4th Q.

I praised Dallas run game and Oline and blamed injuries and a bad gameplan by coaches. I could see he appreciated it. He told me i should have been on the sidelines calling dallas plays.

I still felt bad for the first guy i passed up. But he worded that all wrong. Im sure he was just being nice. But its cool we got some nice Cowboy fans out here. The younger crowd is more Falcons fans or Skins or Eagles.

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Rave never throw away broke devices.

I have my new phone. We got verizon good ($400.00 in best buy gift cards and cheaper than what we where paying on our old account).

But i went back and hacked my old phone. Got it working again. Now its like wireless mini tablet. :)

Frak Samsung also trying to stop stuff. Honorable mentions of companies im saying frak to. Apple. because im sick i phone commercials. Samsung stiff owns your butts. Tech wise Samsung is a superior device.

Thats 3 times ive revived this phone from the dead :)

Oh yeah the moral is... never throw away old devices or sell them cheap. There is a reason people will buy them broke. Usually you can fix them fairly easy. being mad at my phone breaking clouded my judgement. I didn't see the obvious fix right in front of my face. Sometimes its worth it to take a step back and cool down and think about what problem you have. You might be able to fix it.

But Sony is *****. They break crap so you cant fix it. Yeah i still havent forgave sony for the PSP bricking. They had a replacement battery that could fix it with no prob. But they told you that you would need to buy a new device. I cant even say how many times ive fixed my x-360. I got around the RROD for like 2 years before i gave up and got a new 1.

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