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Miko Grimes, Wife Of Brent Grimes Arrested At Dolphins Game (Video)

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Jeff Shultz just tweeted the video of her on the ground getting arrested. Mods, before you move this, keep in mind that Miko talked serious smack on this board. Can someone please post the link?

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Who cares??!! Doesn't effect me one way or the other. What she eats don't make me sh*t!!! Only weak ppl hold grudges to something that doesn't effect them or their daily life.

I'm gonna quote you, because you made it about race last time she was brought up. Black, white, pink, green, this is one classless woman who talks down about the Falcons every chance she gets, but as soon as she goes out and shows her ***, dudes like you come to her defense saying we're weak because we shouldn't concern ourselves with a chick.

You said you had boys on the team who told you the Falcons don't treat their players well. You, Brent, or Miko still haven't provided how.

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