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33 Yr Old Jason Witten Will Play With Sprained Knees And Ankle.

Sheldon Cooper

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They are looking down the road not having their QB and best WR for 10-12 weeks. That can turn 2-0 around in the wrong direction pretty quick.

both of them will be back sooner than that. Any record can turn around quick. That doesn't mean they are desperate because of playing Witten. I guess that means the falcons were desperate while playing Roddy while injured too
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I was relating why Dallas is concerned bro, they are missing their top playmakers.

my thing is its too early in the season to be using the term desperate for any team. Like I posted earlier, that must mean the falcons were desperate playing Roddy while he was injured. Now had it been closed to mid-season where the games start meaning more I could see it being considered desperation.
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If Witten goes out there and tears it up then good for him. That's a tough dude. Hope he doesn't hurt himself out there, though if he gets hit real hard and decides to sit the game out it won't hurt my feelings! Bet he'll be out there as a decoy though.

Exactly. They can say he's going to play all they want, but that doesn't mean he'll play a full snap count though, let alone play well.
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