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Coach Quinn "run Hit" Shirt


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Some of you might have seen this in another thread on here, but I figured I'll make its own thread.

I've been working on a replica design of the shirt coach has. Was pretty busy today but I was able to finish it up for the most part.


and a board related variation


So how do you get one? I will be uploading some print ready files for people to take and go to their local shirt shop and get one done.

Designs can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n0zx298qi0o28og/Falcons_Shirt_Design.rar?dl=0 for personal use

Still looking at options to have these printed somewhere.

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DUDE. This is awesome!!!!

You had me cracking up at your AFMB version hahaha. I would absolutely get one of those "Run, Hit" shirts as long as it isn't cheap material. Another good Falcons polyester workout shirt is just what I need.

I'm hoping I can run in to someone who has used either site I mentioned, or another one that just allows a design to be ordered for a limited time and knows what the shirt quality is. Thats what I intend to find out over the next few days, just been busy.

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also from what I read, booster uses http://www.customink.com/categories/ for their printing, if anyone has any experience ordering from there let me know.

If you go on the website they allow you to create it first to get a sense of how it would look before you buy it. I used to make a t shirt design and then print screen or snip tool it slot of times to show some concepts for family reunion shirts and things of that sort

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