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Worst Prediction Ever!

Captain Insano

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Top Posters In This Topic

Mike Vick was innocent

Jeff George would take Atlanta to the Super Bowl

Quitrino would change the way the Falcons are looked at around the league (not exactly wrong)

Ed Hartwell was the next Tuggle

Duckett would be a complete beast in the NFL

and the list goes on and on and on...

Ryan would be a bust.

In all fairness, Duckett was kinda beastly. Maybe not living up to his draft status, but he's just the type of running back we could really use on our team right now.

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I remember thinking #43 Maurice Smith was going to be like Jamal Anderson after he had a big game or two back in 2000.

I thought Kerney (and I remember way back arguing on this board) was a bust with how slow he started with his career. I loved the draft pick and thought we would be right back to the Super Bowl but he did start slow.

I thought Martin Bibla was a steal from that great University of Miami line.

And I was also on the Jimmy Williams and Sidbury bandwagon.

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